UNICEF Activate Talks is an event that brings together adolescents & youth—including those from the most underserved communities—innovators, experts and thought-leaders to showcase the latest solutions and to rethink and rework how we can deliver results for the most vulnerable and marginalized children and young people.

UNICEF Kosovo has been working to empower adolescents and youth, advance the use of technology to drive social change, and explore avenues to transfer 21st century skills to young people. Ever since 2010, our youth programme has provided more than 40,000 young people in Kosovo with vital skills of the 21st century, empowering them to be their own best advocates and become change agents in their communities. With our help, they have gone on to push forward crucial causes on issues ranging from human rights and social inclusion of minorities, to environment sustainability, quality education, health and inter-ethnic dialogue.

Activate Talks mobilizes the public’s attention towards pressing issues affecting the lives of people from marginalized communities in Kosovo and showcases how UNICEF empowers young people to innovate for addressing these issues and create positive social change.

Activate Talks is an opportunity for the public to experience first-hand the change that these youth leaders are engendering in their communities, and see how they are working to realize a vision for a Kosovo fit for children adolescents, and youth!

It includes inspiring speeches by a wide array of young social innovators, UNICEF representatives, and representatives of public institutions in Kosovo. The impact of this event is two-fold: first, it is a platform for youth leaders to share their experiences and incite similar community action by other youth; and second, it motivates young people to take leadership in demanding better education and skills-building from authorities.

The event is followed by a project fair where 25+ supported youth social impact projects  exhibit the impact they have had in their communities.