Activate talks 2019 Youth Fair Projects

Hey everybody, Activate Talks 2019 is just around the corner!! If you haven’t checked the event already, click here.

Now, it’s time for a quick sneak-peek of all the amazing youth-led project that we will exhibit!


 1. Know Your Rights 

Know Your Rights is an online platform which provides youth-friendly descriptions of rights that young people (aged 16-29) are entitled to by applicable legislation in Kosovo.

2. Digi Lab 

DigiLab is a series of courses dedicated to helping children from 7-14 years old learn the basic steps in programming, coding, and robotics. The curricula of DigiLab is open-source and is based on current needs in Kosovo.



Shnet is a platform that provides vital information on sexual education topics that adolescents and young people are not exposed to through their formal education.

4. Video Sinteza 

Videosinteza is a platform that produces various video animations to educate primary school children on an array of topics related to: the environment, healthy lifestyle and quality of life.

  5. Te Pema 

Te Pema is a youth-led project that developed an adapted a concept seen around different cities in the world called “City Trees”. The youth team has already prototyped a moss panel installation which is now located in the city square and is called “Te Pema”. The City Tree is designed to improvethe quality of the air.

6. Blood Donor 

Blood Donor is an app developed by students to facilitates seeking and giving blood donations. It consists of several features including notifications for the types of blood, user’s stories, and history.

7. Kom Shok 

Komshok is a digital platform which enables education, expression of ideas and perspectives through sign language for people with disabilites and hearing impairments.

8. United 4 Handikos 

A group of 5 young girls from Vushtrri are lobbying through their campaign “United4Handikos” to re-open Handikos center in Vushtrri.

9. Neuroni

Neuron is an initiative which aims to improve the logic and critical thinking skills of children 5-8 years old through interesting online games that can be downloaded through an app.

10. Fol App

Fol App is an interpersonal app which helps children who have difficulties in verbal communication through specially-designed games that serve as speech therapy.

11. Wooden Eyes

Wooden Eyes engages in a special type of art form: String Art. A portion of the proceeds of the sales go towards helping the association of the blind and visually impaired in Rahovec teach the braille alphabet to blind and visually impaired people. 

12. CB Heros

CB Heroes is an initiative which is innovating to address cyberbullying. The team has developed an app and web platform which allow you to report violations.

13. Tech Dummy 

Project Tech Dummy is working to create medical mannequins to make hands-on professional practice for medicine students more effective in medical schools.

14. Dare to be rare

Dare to be rare is an eco-initiative which handcrafts unique jewelry pieces created by recycled materials.

15. U-report 

U-Report is a free tool for community participation, designed to address issues that the population cares about. Once a U-Reporter sings up, polls and alerts are sent via Direct Message and real-time responses are collected and mapped.


16. Kosovo Volunteers

Kosovo Volunteers is a volunteer matching platform in Kosovo. It is a free platform where non-profit organizations can post volunteer opportunities and passionate, skilled volunteers can find the right opportunity to lend their talent and time.

17. CSR Kosovo 

Though not a youth project, the Kosovo Corporate Social Responsibility Network is a close partner of UNICEF. It is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization founded by its members for the purpose of supporting the development of sustainable economic growth through the promotion of corporate social responsibility in society.

18. Air purification 

The adolescent team behind project Air Purification prototyped a tool that removes the majority of pollutants, dust, and chemicals produced by vehicles.

19. V-Save 

V-Save is a youth project that has created a smart plug which increases energy efficiency and encourages energy savings by showing when we spend more than necessary through an app.

20. KoSIM.

KoSIM is an initiative which helps people manage their public speaking fear using Virtual Reality. The team offers one of the most interesting virtual experience in Kosovo.

21. Viciana 

The Viciana youth team comes from the old city of Vushtrri. They are improving and upgraded the tourist experience of the Castle of Vushtrri by integrating audio guides and an information center.

22. Shape it up 

‘Shape it Up’ creates toys that contain different geometric shapes for children and adolescents with disabilities. A portion of the proceeds goes to organizing activities to help people with special needs.

23. REED 

Reed Jewelry is a youth-led project which handcrafts jewelry together with children with Down Syndrome. A percentage of all their profits goes to empowering people with Down Syndrome.

24. Play Kids Chair  

The youth team behind this project intends to help make the “Doctor visit” more pleasant.  Play kids chair have designed special chairs with games attached to them, so that children will be more comfortable visiting the doctor. 

25. Te Afte te Arrijme

Te Afte te Arrijme is an initiative comprised of adolescents with disabilities who are advocating to raise awareness on the struggles of people with disabilities through a variety of public events.

26. Ndihmojme se Bashku

Ndihmojme se Bashku helps adolescents with disabilities by securing all kinds of assistive technology for them.

27. I-Hope

I-Hope is a social business aiming to empower members of the Down Syndrome Center in Podujeve by creating unique designs of T-shirts, a portion of whose sales will be distributed to helping children with Down Syndrome in the center.

28. J-Banesa

JBanesa is an online web-platform developed by a group of adolescents to help students find temporary housing solutions within the city of Prishtina.