Call for Project Proposals to contribute to the Innovations Lab Kosovo Programme

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Kosovo Office is supporting capacity development through a participatory, human-centered design, social entrepreneurship, advocacy, data literacy, practical software engineering skills and critical media literacy that will contribute to the empowerment of young people to design and lead, social impact projects that solve community challenges.

The project’s purpose is empowering and enabling Kosovo’s adolescents and youth to make a successful transition from educational to professional life through partnership with academia, private sector and media institutions in Kosovo.

UNICEF Kosovo Office is inviting civil society organizations (CSOs) to submit proposals with concrete actions aimed at achieving specific results outlined in the detailed Call for Project Proposal which can be found in the UNICEF Kosovo Programme Facebook page together with the application forms and detailed instructions on submission.

Potential applicants should submit application forms (in a sealed envelope) consisting of:

  1. Partner Declaration
  2. CSO Identification Profile
  3. Programme Proposal with Budget (all documents can be found within the detailed Call for Project Proposals published on (UNICEF Kosovo Programme Facebook page).

The proposals must be delivered in a sealed envelope to UNICEF, Behije Dashi Street, nr. 7 Prishtina by 30 of June 2019 with the remark: Call for Project Proposals to contribute to the implementation of the Innovations Lab Kosovo Programme.

In accordance with UNICEF Rules and Regulations, the selection and the reasons for making the selection are UNICEF’s internal decisions, and information about other applicants or their proposals must not be divulged.

The invitation for submission of proposals does not obligate signing of the contract with applicants, nor does it assume the obligation to pay the costs of preparing the proposals. UNICEF accepts no responsibility for undelivered proposals, and will not accept proposals after the closing date and time. For further information please contact Mr. Laurat Raca and Mr. Blerim Kroci via e-mail: and

➡️ Application Form

➡️ Terms of Reference