Volunteering for gender equality through Kosovo Volunteers!
by: Lisar Morina / 4 June / 2018

Volunteering helps youth develop a lifelong service ethic and is associated to having a 27% higher chance of employment. KoVo is now fully embedded into national legislature of Kosovo, and is used to validate the working hours of volunteers.

by: Innovations Lab Kosovo / 11 April / 2018

Ponder: Critical Media Literacy Workshop is a workshop organized by UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo, in partnership with NGO PEN and the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, with the aim to improve critical thinking skills, focusing on Critical Media Literacy.

More than just a partnership
by: Lisar Morina / 28 March / 2018

The collaboration between ADA and UNICEF Kosovo that started back in 2012 has been critical in addressing the needs of Kosovar youth and adolescents. Throughout the years, the joint effort of the two has brought about new ways of investing in young people.