KoVo: Volunteers Management Workshop, is a workshop organized by UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo, which aims the capacity building of Civil Society Organizations and/or Public Institutions on volunteer management.

This workshop offers:

  • Skills on volunteer management
  • Skills on volunteer recruitment
  • Instructions on youth volunteerism
  • Knowledge on the accreditation of the European Volunteer Service
  • Opportunities to win 400 euro grants for volunteer management

Who can apply?

  • Non-governmental and nonprofit organizations registered in Kosovo
  • Public Institutions of Kosovo
  • Local Youth action Councils in Municipalities framework

How to apply:

Application deadline has passed!

The workshop will be held on December 20 and 21. All expenses during the workshop are covered by UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo.

For more information you can e-mail us at: kovo@kosovoinnovations.org; call us at: +386 49 728 555, or via web-site www.kosovoinnovations.org or www.kosovovolunteers.org

Application deadline:  14.12.2017