KoVo: Volunteers Management Workshop, is a workshop organized by UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo, which aims the capacity building of Civil Society Organizations and/or Public Institutions on volunteer management.

This workshop offers:

  • Skills on volunteer management
  • Skills on volunteer recruitment
  • Instructions on youth volunteerism
  • Knowledge on the accreditation of the European Volunteer Service
  • Opportunities to win 400 euro grants for volunteer management

Who can apply?

  • Non-governmental and nonprofit organizations registered in Kosovo
  • Public Institutions of Kosovo
  • Local Youth action Councils in Municipalities framework

How to apply:

Application deadline has passed!

Complete the application form here: KoVo: Volunteers Management Workshop

The workshop will be held on December 20 and 21. All expenses during the workshop are covered by UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo.

For more information you can e-mail us at: kovo@kosovoinnovations.org; call us at: +386 49 728 555, or via web-site www.kosovoinnovations.org or www.kosovovolunteers.org

Application deadline:  14.12.2017