Podium, an initiative of UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo, is a social advocacy workshop that teaches youth and adolescents of different groups in Kosovo how to advocate for the needs and rights of their community. In the workshop, they build their skills on assessing the needs of their community, by creating campaigns where they can lobby with the duty-bearers, and use media to make their community issues known to the public.

This edition of PODIUM will mobilise young volunteers to join UNICEF in advocating for the protection of children’s rights. Together, we will work to meet children’s basic needs and expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.

Our UNICEF Volunteer initiative aims to bring on board volunteers, private sector organisations, celebrities and academia to support and donate to UNICEF’s mission in Kosovo, through volunteer work, financial donations or in kind donations.

PODIUM edition on Our UNICEF Volunteer initiative will be focused on Bullying and how to address this issues to the decision makers.


  • Get support and build your skills on advocacy for solving the issues of your community?
  • Build positive relationships with duty-bearers of your community?
  • Learn how to implement your campaign?
  • Be a part of the network of young advocates in Kosovo?
  • Manage a budget of 1,000 EUR, as a financial support to implement your campaign?


  • Form a group of five members, where everyone is between 14-24 years old and;
  • Tell us what you think is the greatest struggle, problem or challenge in your community regarding Bullying;

All expenses during three-day workshop (30 November – 2 December) will be covered by Innovations Lab Kosovo.



The application deadline has expired.

Call at: +383 (0) 49 728 555 and we will help you through the Application process;

Email us: podium@kosovoinnovations.org for guidance details.


The deadline to apply is: 15.11.2018