Move with Podium

Do you want to:

  • Get support and build your skills on advocacy for solving the issues of your community?
  • Build positive relationships with duty-bearers of your community?
  • Learn how to implement your campaign?
  • Be a part of the network of young advocates in Kosovo?
  • Manage a budget of 500 EUR, as a financial support to implement your campaign?

Then be a part of PODIUM:

  • Form a group of 5 members, where everyone is between 14-24 years old and;
  • Tell us what you think is the greatest struggle, problem or challenge in your community.

All expenses during three-days workshop (13, 14, and 15 April) are covered by Innovations Lab Kosovo.

How to apply?

The deadline has expired!

The deadline to apply is on Thursday, 5th of April 2018.