Podium: Advocacy for Change Workshop is a workshop organized by UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo, in partnership with NGO PEN.

Do you want to:

  • Get support and build your skills on advocacy for solving the issues of your community?
  • Build positive relationships with duty-bearers of your community?
  • Learn how to implement your campaign?
  • Be a part of the network of young advocates in Kosovo?
  • Manage a budget of 500,00 EUR, as a financial support to implement your campaign?

Then be a part of PODIUM:

  • Form a group of 5 members, where everyone is between 15-24 years old and;
  • All team members must be residents of Kosovo who live in the following municipalities: Prishtina, Fushë Kosovo, Obiliq, Podujeva, Drenas, Novobërda, Graqanica and Mitrovica;
  • Tell us what you think is the greatest struggle, problem or challenge in your community.

All expenses during three-days workshop are covered by the organizers☺!

How to apply?

Complete your Application Form here: PODIUM – APPLICATION FORM;

Call at: +386 (0) 49 728 555 and we will help you through the Application process;
Email us: podium@kosovoinnovations.org for guidance details.

The workshop will be held from 31 January -2 February, 2020.

The deadline to apply is on Tuesday, January 21, 2020.