Unicef Innovations Lab Kosovo is organizing the second Young Critics Competition!

The Young Critics Competition is the first opened competition for all youth all across Kosovo, who want to empower themselves through critical media literacy. If you ever have written/ wanted to write articles, create video stories or photography while feeling the need to challenge any social stigma, Young Critics Competition is the way to go.

Apply to:

  • Challenge your creativity
  • Grow your experience and skills
  • Connect with other young critics who share the same interests and passion
  • Become part of the Young Critics Network
  • And lastly, enter the competition to win one of the three prices for the best article, photography or video story

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a resident of Kosovo
  • Age 14 – 21 years old
  • Be able to write using correct grammar (in any language dialect)
  • Use any of the official languages of Kosovo while writing/creating your piece
  • No video story should be longer than 5 minutes
  • No article should exceed the word limitation (300 min – 2500 max) depending on the article you decide to write.
  • It is recommended that the video and photography try to challenge social stigma, prejudices and/or stereotypes of our society.

An article can be:

Investigative – nvestigative writing is based on critical analysis of what is “missing” in the information of a single topic of interest. Find an important subject, have a critical approach, take your initiative, make your own research and analysis and be exclusive!
Analytical – Analytic writing is analyzing, examining and interpreting on an issue (piece, article, book). It should have a presentation of the argument, analysis of the text, your personal response and your conclusion.
Informative – An informative article should provide information about a topic while raising awareness on the issue. It is not for giving an opinion or convincing someone to do something or change his/ her beliefs, rather than an educational form of giving information. It should have a topic presentation, highlight of the facts by creating an outline and the conclusion or summary of the text.

The application deadline has passed.