Ponder: Critical Media Literacy Workshop is a workshop organized by UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo, in partnership with NGO PEN, with the aim to improve critical thinking skills, focusing on Critical Media Literacy.

This Workshop offers:

  • Improvement of reading and writing skills;
  • Ability to think more critically;
  • Ability to understand and challenge the subjective information;
  • Development of a critical approach to a daily basis information on social networks and other media;
  • Networking with young critics;
  • Opportunity for internship or practical work in the media institutions (portals, newspapers, TV or radio);
  • Mentoring and continuous supervision;
  • Certification;

Who can apply?

  • Adolescents and youth of ages 14 – 21
  • Residents of Kosovo who live in the following municipalities: Prishtina, FushĂ« Kosovo, Obiliq, Podujeva, Drenas, NovobĂ«rda, Graqanica and Lipjan.
  • Adolescents and youth who are interested to improve their critical thinking skills
  • Adolescents and youth who are interested in writing and reading

How to apply?

  • You can apply individually or as a team group of two or three members;
  • Provide required information for each team member while filling the application form;
  • Write two essays based on the description offered in the application form below:

Complete the application form here: PONDER – APPLICATION FORM;

The workshop will be held from 11-13 October, 2019.
The deadline for application is Sunday, 29th September 2019.