Ponder: Critical Media Literacy Workshop is a workshop organized by UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo, in partnership with NGO PEN and the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, with the aim to improve critical thinking skills, focusing on Critical Media Literacy.

This Workshop offers:

  • Improvement of reading and writing skills;
  • Ability to think more critically;
  • Ability to understand and challenge the subjective information;
  • Development of a critical approach to a daily basis information on social networks and other media;
  • Networking with young critics;
  • Opportunity for internship or practical work in the media institutions (portals, newspapers, TV or radio);
  • Mentoring and continuous supervision;
  • Certification;

Who can apply?

  • Adolescents and youth of ages 14 – 21
  • Residents of Kosovo who live in the following municipalities: Gjilan, Kamenicë, Viti, Partesh and Ranillug
  • Adolescents and youth who are interested to improve their critical thinking skills
  • Adolescents and youth who are interested in writing and reading

How to apply?

  • You can apply individually or as a team group of two or three members;
  • Provide required information for each team member while filling the application form;
  • Write two essays based on the description offered in the application form below:

Complete the application form here: PONDER – APPLICATION FORM;

The workshop will be held from 11-13 May, 2018.
The deadline for application is Thursday, 3rd May 2018.