Creating sustainable social value by fostering the agency of youth

UNICEF Innovations Lab has worked at the nexus of adolescents and youth, technology and innovation from its inception in 2010. We consider creativity to be an untapped resource and a driving force for positive social change. We unremittingly pursue new, disruptive solutions for social community development, looking across sectors and fields to identify methods, technologies, and tools that promise to advance our service to children and youth.

Our core and focal aim is based on the premise that investing in human capital and especially in youth is investing in the social and economic prosperity of a country. At UNICEF, we understand children and adolescents as social actors who can become change agents in their communities and societies.

The Lab works with adolescents and youth (14-24 years), with an emphasis on marginalized, vulnerable, and socially-excluded groups (non-majority communities; rural communities; communities living in poverty; adolescents with disabilities). This contributes to an increased capacity and opportunity amongst Kosovo’s most marginalized youth to seek and secure meaningful participation both in the workforce and in policy-formation and decision-making processes.

To see what we do in the fields of youth empowerment and technology, click on the figure below: