Activate Talks 2019
by: Innovations Lab Kosovo / 14 March / 2019

(English) Activate is UNICEF Kosovo’s annual event, held with the aim to promote the innovative initiatives developed by UNICEF and highlight the work of young social innovators involved in our programmes.

(English) UNICEF Kosovo* Office Launches new Comprehensive Sex Education App
by: Lisar Morina / 27 November / 2018

(English) The new content is empirical, evidence-based and was developed in close cooperation with doctors, psychologists and university professors. And perhaps most importantly, it hosts an innovative Artificial Intelligence in the form of a ‘Chat bot’, which uses advanced algorithms to automatically answer questions users pose.

PODIUM: Our UNICEF Volunteer Initiative
by: Innovations Lab Kosovo / 16 October / 2018

Podium është një punëtori që i mëson adoleshentët e grupeve të ndryshme në Kosovë se si të avokojnë për nevojat dhe të drejtat në komunitetin e tyre.