About the Design Center

The Design Center combines promising methods with emerging information and communication technologies to enhance UNICEF’s service to vulnerable children and youth.  DC explores challenges and opportunities related to service delivery and the use of information, and leverages advances in mobile, open source, and social technologies to prototype solutions.

The accessibility of new and disruptive technologies—from mobile phones to “big data”—present unprecedented opportunities to better our service to children and youth. Developing and employing these technologies—or even piggybacking on or repurposing their commercial application—means we can analyze and understand the dynamics of need and service provision in ways never previously possible: we can uncover pockets of vulnerability, understand need in real time, and radically increase transparency and accountability.

Android Development
PHP and its frameworks are our go-to scripting language. Raw PHP was used to code Red Cross Health Education Courses Management System. The frameworks that we used are: Cake PHP - used for Census 2011 Kosovo Dashboard Codeigniter - used for PIAL -  University Profile and Mapping Platform Kohana - used for Smoking Violations Reporting platform and Kosovo Youth Resources Mapping Yii - used to code the PCA Tracking tool (allows UNICEF Country Offices to manage the monitoring of each PCA (Programme Cooperation Agreement) activities and implementation.)
Laravel is the latest PHP framework that we use. Projects that we worked on with Laravel are: Home Visiting web platform, Kosovo Volunteers and Palestine Volunteers platforms and the Skills Assessment Tool.
Using the Android software development kit (SDK), we have created the following applications: Home Visiting app, HPM Wire and the Immunization management app.
Wordpress is our go-to central management system (CMS). We use Wordpress in our website, the Ponder web platform, Know Your Rights web platform and more.
Our front-end development is mostly done in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Although we use the Bootstrap 3 framework often, other frameworks that we have used are: Foundation and 960 Grid.
Drupal has been used in the development of our old website.