Pleased to announce that 18-year-old Uresa Ahmeti’s essay “How does Eve Ensler challenge taboo in The Vagina Monologues?” won the Young Critics Competition award for best article!

Uresa Ahmeti – How does Eve Ensler challenge taboo in The Vagina Monologues

“The disconnection of one from their body, by surrounding the ladder with taboos, is what I, and undoubtedly many more women have been and keep being faced with. This topic was truly important for me to address, because i needed to convey how even the simplest and seemingly small taboos can have major negative impacts. Talking about vaginas is a taboo. But the problem doesn’t stop there.  If one can’t even say the word vagina and talk about the vagina shamelessly, how can one be expected to talk about what happens to it- sexual violence, and rape for instance? Getting past taboos surrounding women’s bodies will challenge the silenced violence against women,” said Uresa.


Today we organized the second edition of the Young Critics Competition (YCC) as part of #PONDERks. Ponder is an…

Posted by UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo on Thursday, 12 July 2018