About the Youth Empowerment Programme

UNICEF Innovations Lab seeks to build the skills of adolescents and youth, and provide spaces for them to exercise those skills in addressing social problems. Some of the key transferable skills that beneficiaries of the Lab are endowed with are: work environment communication; higher order thinking skills, logical reasoning, problem solving skills; creativity; ability to make decisions; critical media literacy skills, advocacy skills, learning how to learn; teamwork and interpersonal skills; adaptability to dynamic environments, professional conduct, networking, and management of organizational processes, coding and technology skills.

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Technology, Advocacy, Critical Media Literacy and Volunteerism represent unparalleled opportunities for the most marginalized adolescents and youth to develop and lead projects that address issues in their communities, all while allowing them to become key actors in a vibrant, peaceful, and prosperous Kosovo as agents of social change.